"செய்வினை செய்வான் செயல்முறை அவ்வினை

உள்ளறிவான் உள்ளம் கொளல்"

(Seiyvinai SeiyvAan SeyalmuRai Avvinai uLLaRivAan uLLam koLal)

“Learn from the experts the intricacies of conducting the trade and be certain of the ways to move it forward to fulfillment” 


Thiruvalluvar,a celebrated Thamizh Poet, and Philosopher.

ULTRAFIDUS - A contemporary consulting  Organisation established by individuals who are driven by growth and possess diverse skill sets that equip them to undertake multiple roles. Having the necessary experience, processes, and personnel to assist your business in preparing for the future, we are committed to helping you shape the future you envision by providing the vital resources and technologies critical to realizing that vision.

As professionals skilled in managing and delivering results, we draw upon our knowledge from a broad range of disciplines. Our focus is on using innovative technologies to enhance efficiency, and we take a solution-oriented approach to help clients achieve measurable benefits in their operations and overall bottom line. We strive to increase their competitiveness both today and tomorrow, thereby enhancing their awareness.


    Strategic Consulting           

Process Outsourcing 


Information Technology

As your business grows, so does your IT infrastructure, from your computers, networks, and servers. We have an excellent team, for any expertise or advice on your business. We provide solutions and of..

AEC ( Architecture,Engineering,Construction)

Our one-stop destination for professional AEC service offers clients a single point of contact across a wide range of disciplines including Architecture Design & Development, Engineering, Construction...

Media and Entertainment

To equip the participants with workable knowledge of the latest developments in the media and entertainment space. To keep participants abreast on the past and ongoing changes in the buying behaviour...

Education and Training

Education is continuing through life. If we talk about education, it is the sector which is meant for the benefits for all. Training is relating to task-oriented and point to attaining knowledge and skills in a particular area and is usually job-related. Pursuing ...

Power, Energy & Utilities

Our team of experts possesses a deep understanding of the power and energy sector and stays updated with the latest technological advancements in the field. We offer a broad range of services, including power generation, transmission and distribution, ...


At ULTRAFIDUS, we understand the complexities of the healthcare industry and the challenges that organizations face in delivering quality care while managing costs. Our healthcare consulting services include clinical process...



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